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Chance Veasey

Senior Vice President, SAP Line of Business

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Velocity's Infor Lawson Jumpstart Services Support Applications for Peace of Mind at a Fraction of the Cost

Year-end is fast approaching... Is your team ready?

Let Velocity’s experts be your trusted advisors by rapidly staffing your Infor activities with skilled resources who know your environment. 

Our global professional services and support teams help you complete mission-critical projects so you can close out 2017 successfully and focus on starting 2018 with a competitive edge.


Here are business areas and initiatives that Velocity has championed within organizations like yours to drive efficiencies, reduce cost, and improve compliance:

  1. AP Payment Automation: Tired of all of the Lawson jobs you have to add or change and submit during this process? Baffled by all of the manual movement to get the files from the system to your banks and vendors? Worried about AP controls or concerned about auditors?

    Consider how an automated approach would simplify your operations. Velocity’s tailored solution is based on your specific requirements, archiving and transmitting files to the bank and vendors with no additional manual intervention.

  2. ACA Year-End Assessment/Year-End Reporting: Let us review your current Infor ACA setup; identify any gaps and provide guidance on how to address them; and, review your current reporting to make sure it is compliant and assist with getting it ready to be sent.

  3. Lawson Security Refresher Workshop: Schedule a refresher workshop on how to use and maintain Lawson Security. Velocity will discuss setting up users; building roles and classes and how best to maintain these moving forward.

    Additionally, a full security workshop is available if it’s been too long since you last went through training.

  4. W2 Year-End Processing: An assessment of your current application environment to determine the scope of work (EEs, State’s, Current Balancing processes, etc.) will enable Velocity to provide assistance with:

  • Completing your balance;

  • Printing your forms;

  • Validation of the end results;

  • Assist in filling the taxes;

  • W2c processing, validation and printing;

  • Quarterly Balancing;

  • Training of PR staff on Year-End process;

  • Custom document on Year-End process 

Velocity Technology Solutions will be able to look at the reporting of taxes. You are responsible for sending the specific tax files.

Why Velocity for Infor?

This may be an ideal time to consider engaging a trusted advisor to support your Infor Lawson applications. With global professionals dedicated to expertly guiding your Infor Lawson projects to success, Velocity has the right resources to provide the right solution at the right time.

  • 750+ Infor upgrades completed

  • One of 1st Infor partners to implement next-generation Infor M3

  • Full Lifecycle Suite of Services

  • 1 of every 10 hospital beds in the U.S. is supported by Velocity

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  • Flexibility of Managed Services through your own infrastructure OR our Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform
  • Simplify the management of your Infor applications and improve service levels for Infor users
  • Global, flexible 24/7/365 support model to meet your requirements
  • Decrease the cost of maintaining your Infor applications by 30% or more
  • Accelerate new functionality and business process improvement
  • On-demand infrastructure support services


Most Infor users are not questioning if they should move to the cloud, but rather when and how.

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