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Chance Veasey

Senior Vice President, Infor & Healthcare Lines of Business

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Only Velocity conducts over 85 Infor upgrades a year, successfully launched live within 12-14 weeks.

Organizations are looking for options to reduce the risk and cost associated with their next Infor upgrade. Velocity meets the needs of the most demanding organizations. Get the benefit of Velocity’s combined experience and savings when conducting the upgrade with our proprietary tools to upgrade quickly. Customers can take advantage of Velocity’s service in a traditional on premise model or in Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP) for Infor Upgrades. Infor's newest offering is often referred to as Infor OS or Infor CloudSuite Financials (formerly known as Infor Xi) on the Infor OS Technology Platform. Read a Primer on Infor OS here.

Our Infor Lawson Expertise

  • Infor CloudSuite
  • Infor Lawson S3
  • Infor M3
  • Infor ION
  • ProcessFlow to Infor Process Automation
  • Lawson Smart Office
  • Landmark Lawson Talent Management
  • Lawson Business Intelligence

Why Velocity Is The Go-To Partner For Infor Upgrades

  • Successfully go live in 12-14 weeks
  • Staffed with a PMI certified Project Manager and functional experts with 8+ years of Infor Lawson experience
  • Multiple testing cycles to validate data, usability and business processes
  • Use of Velocity Zoom® to validate testing and monitor performance
  • Retrofit of customizations
  • Included technology refresh at database and server tiers

Want to take advantage of the flexibility and cost advantages of the cloud?

Velocity’s Infor Lawson hosting delivers exceptional speed and scalability, with the availability, security and control to ensure reliable, audit-worthy enterprise application performance.Our Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP), built with the power of AWS is not a generic, one-size fits all offering, because the best operation requires a solution matched to your specific business requirements. Similarly, our service level guarantees are based on application performance, not just uptime, because exceptional user productivity necessitates exceptional application execution.

Need advice on using Infor Lawson to make business processes more efficient?

Our functional application support team helps Velocity customers find better, faster, easier ways to use Infor Lawson every day.  Whether you are preparing for Benefits Open Enrollment or want to more fully-leverage Lawson Smart Office, our functional experts have real-world answers that can make your job easier. Velocity’s world-class

Ready to upgrade?

Velocity includes application upgrades and rolling customizations forward within our comprehensive Managed Application Services.  We believe that is essential to helping you realize the full potential of your Infor Lawson investment, and you should not settle for anything less.  Our project services team will develop and manage an upgrade plan that matches your business requirements and timeline.

Thinking about adding content management software?

Ask Velocity. Many customers run these applications in our cloud in a Platform-as-a-Service model, so expertise and real world advice is readily available.

Worried how you would recover if something happens to your on premise Infor solution?

Velocity’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services are designed to offer a wide range of recovery options to quickly restore on-premise Infor deployments.

Top 10 Most Exciting Things for Infor Licensees in 2018

The investments made in the Infor product, the standardization upon the Landmark platform, and the capabilities of Infor OS are exciting.

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