Velocity Zoom®

Complete transparency, insight, and control over the performance of your enterprise applications and how efficiently they support your business.

Velocity Zoom® is an innovative cloud management console designed to provide a new brand of information and metadata analytics about your enterprise applications and your business.  

Velocity Zoom® empowers IT leaders with answers to essential questions:  

  • Is our enterprise software investment generating value for the business?
  • How can we accelerate workflows to increase business productivity?
  • Where do we have security risk?

Velocity Zoom® provides exceptional insight and control over enterprise applications. For example:

  • Monitor software usage patterns – Observe the volume of transactions successfully completed by region, office, department, individual user or other criteria to help reveal the efficiency of applications and the proficiency of the user community.
  • Benchmark software efficiency relative to peers – Compare how fast your transactions are processing relative to other companies using similar or different versions of your enterprise software.
  • Manage business risk – Monitor who is accessing your software systems, when the access is occurring and the location of the user.  As mobility becomes more standard, the value of this information becomes invaluable.
  • View the status and health of your enterprise systems at any time from any device – computer, phone, and tablet.  

With Velocity Zoom®, you always have the transparency, insight, and control required for today’s cloud computing environments at your fingertips. That is why we built it.

Empower your organization with a new brand of information to increase business productivity.

Velocity Zoom® provides IT leaders with powerful information they can use to identify and recommend improvements to business productivity throughout their organizations. Each panel within Velocity Zoom® offers an insightful and unique perspective on the business which allow you to accelerate business processes and manage risk by learning from you software usage patterns. For example:

  • Transaction Analysis Panel: identify monthly peak processing periods and business drivers, so you can smooth out process bottlenecks or avoid making system changes during the busiest times.
  • User Analysis Panel: identify best practice procedures that should be replicated among users, or where transactions are consistently completed incorrectly and additional user training is required.
  • Batch Job Analysis Panel: identify batch jobs that could be shifted to run outside of normal business hours, so they do not slow down system performance for your users.
  • User Analysis Tool: see who is accessing your systems, what they are doing, and when to confirm application usage matches defined security protocols, and to more easily support internal and external audit activities.
  • System Activity Panel: see application processes occurring in real-time and ensure they are happening within expected guidelines.
  • System Changes Panel: confirm updates being made to your applications conform with planned changes and your change management procedures.

By providing an exceptional level of information at your fingertips, the uses of Velocity Zoom® for your organization are virtually limitless.

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