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Press Release - October 29, 2013

Velocity Technology Solutions Revs Up Hosted ERP Management with Velocity Zoom®

NEW YORK - October 29, 2013 – Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc. (Velocity), a leader in cloud application hosting for enterprise and business software, today announced Velocity Zoom®, a cloud management console designed specifically for CIOs, IT leaders and application managers.  Velocity Zoom® is a powerful tool set that presides over cloud-hosted software, giving Velocity’s customers a high level of insight and control over the performance and use of their ERP, business enablement, and analytic software.  
With Velocity Zoom®, IT leadership can examine transaction performance from the enterprise level all the way down to a specific user’s experience, monitor trends in application performance, and compare their statistics to the aggregate of Velocity’s customer community.  This is a new brand of information and metadata analytics designed to re-empower CIOs as the march to migrate their applications to the cloud continues. 
“In short, Velocity Zoom® enables our managed application customers to gain valuable new insights to streamline business processes and increase productivity across key functional areas like finance, supply chain and HR,” said Paul Mockenhaupt, VP Innovation and Development at Velocity.  “We wanted to give CIOs better optics into how well their enterprise systems are supporting the organization and combine that with the ability to make more intelligent use of the data their organizations are generating.”  
Velocity Zoom® incorporates the capabilities of Velocity’s business insights and security platforms into an expanded suite of cloud management tools:  

  • Insight Suite which provides analytics on application performance, volume and user experience
  • Control Suite which generates data on access and changes to the application environment, supporting security and internal controls
  • Solution Suite which enables customers to easily integrate applications in their Velocity Cloud, share content and reuse codebase objects
  • Compliance Suite which provides IT auditing and business resiliency capabilities that support broader business requirements

The portal works on any device (computer, phone, tablet), and customers can select the data views that are most relevant to their business and arrange them on the screen to provide at-a-glance perspective on their most important transactions. The first release of Zoom is available now for Velocity’s Infor Lawson managed application customers; future releases will address additional ERP platforms as well as add more capabilities. 
“One of the most common concerns we hear from IT leadership when it comes to cloud-hosted applications is losing visibility and control—who is accessing their systems, how are those systems being used, and what is the user’s experience,” said Paul Cioni, Chief Technology Officer at Velocity.  “The Zoom suite is just one example of how Velocity is tearing down the barriers between CIOs and their cloud-based applications.  This powerful and innovative software gives our customers unique perspective into the performance of their applications and provides transparency into the efficiency that the software actually delivers to their organizations.” 
About Velocity Technology Solutions
Velocity Technology Solutions is a leader in enterprise and business application hosting services which are fully-managed and protected within a Velocity cloud. Velocity lowers operational costs, provides world-class customer experiences, and delivers application access at top levels of performance and availability. Velocity’s expertise managing software 24/7, combined with its proprietary infrastructure design and cloud management platform, guarantee the availability, security, and control over software. Velocity is the trusted partner for rapidly deploying application software into a secure and resilient cloud.  
Velocity is headquartered in New York with facilities in Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, London (Canada), and Glasgow (UK). Velocity is a portfolio company of Silver Lake Sumeru, a global leader in private equity investments in growth-oriented technology and technology-enabled companies (for additional information on the firm and its entire portfolio, visit For more information on Velocity: visit
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