The Global Infrastructure organization is responsible for managing Velocity’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.
According to Marcello Burgio, Vice President for Global Infrastructure, the Infrastructure organization builds its strategy around four principles, or pillars, which are stabilization, standardization, globalization and integration. It is this strategy that enables Velocity to continually evolve its cloud management platform. “The rapid pace of Velocity’s growth on a global basis and constant technology change means we are continuously developing new architectures, technologies, processes and procedures to take advantage of the best talent and technology capabilities out there.” Each of the pillars plays a key role in that effort.
Stabilization is all about keeping customers systems running without issue, or with as few issues as possible, which Burgio also describes as, “being resilient.” He says, “We continually review data about the performance of our infrastructure to anticipate potential issues and make adjustments that minimize risks.”
Standardization focuses on driving architecture and design to meet Velocity customers’ needs in addition to implementing processes and procedures that are repeatable, auditable and transparent. This approach helps to enable the company to offer infrastructure as a service. “At the end of 2013 we implemented the Enterprise Architecture Review Board,” Burgio explained. “This team is a key part of our standardization strategy and helps drive the necessary architectures and standards into the Velocity environment. 
Globalization is focused on implementing various platforms to support Velocity’s operations and customers across the globe. To do it, a standard set of procedures are required that enable those deployments. With a global workforce, Burgio described the benefits of having resources located in other countries. “The ability to utilize resources in other countries provides us the ability to reduce project cycles and provide improved responsiveness to our customers.  Employing a “Follow the Sun” concept has been done successfully at a number of multinational firms throughout the world and it is an approach Velocity leverages as well. Velocity has provided 24/7 support for a number of years, and having a global workforce enables us to add even more talented resources to the team.” 
The integration pillar concentrates on integrating other companies into the Velocity business approach, such as the most recent acquisition of Titan Technology Partners. It also enables the company to readily scale up as new customers are on boarded. The team is driving a standardized methodology / approach to integrate data centers themselves and the infrastructure environment overall to reinforce  a repeatable, standardized approach no matter where Velocity operates. Said Burgio, “We have a very smart, experienced team that prides itself on building solutions that push beyond the norm to meet our customers’ high-performance and scalability requirements. As a culture, Velocity continuously encourages innovation, and the Global Infrastructure organization lives that every day.”