Paul Mockenhaupt is Vice President of Innovation and Development at Velocity.  He has been developing software and bringing new ideas to market for longer than he cares to publish.
There were a number of factors that attracted me to join Velocity in the Spring of 2013, but perhaps foremost was the company’s commitment to innovation.  As the job title the company gave me suggests, innovation and development go together at Velocity, with particular emphasis on the former.  Velocity was founded to change the way enterprise applications are acquired, hosted, and managed—to seek better, more effective ways for our customers to generate value from their enterprise software—and I have the pleasure of translating that mission into new software solutions that support our Universal Cloud Services customers.
This week, we introduced Velocity Zoom®.  With Velocity Zoom®, CIOs, IT leaders and application managers can examine application transactions from the enterprise level all the way down to a specific user’s experience, monitor trends in application performance, and compare their statistics to the aggregate of Velocity’s customer community.  
With Velocity Zoom®, our customers can:
  • See transaction bottlenecks before they happen
  • View real-time performance and user analysis
  • Monitor all their systems
  • Manage users and access
  • View system changes
  • Compare performance with other systems
  • Work on any device (computer, phone, tablet)
The purpose of Zoom is to give CIOs better optics into how well their enterprise systems are supporting the organization and combine that with the ability to make more intelligent use of the data their organizations are generating.
As the name implies, we built Velocity Zoom® to be fast, to help our customers easily “zoom in” on the data most relevant to their business, and to provide a new level of information our customers can use to streamline business processes and increase productivity.  We’re already working on future versions and the feedback we’ve received from customers has been very positive.
This is just the start for Velocity Zoom®.