User error rates and system-related complaints are increasing, but training time is limited.

It’s no secret that IT departments are struggling under increasing workloads and infrastructure complexity. A recent survey of almost 3,000 IT professionals ranked monitoring and managing IT infrastructure and application performance as second only to security as the top IT department challenge for 2016.

At the same time, exciting and powerful new analytics, virtualization, and cloud technologies promise dramatic improvements in system performance, agility and innovationif and when your IT staff can find the time to leverage their considerable talents

Empowering business users with smarter tools
For several years, JD Edwards researchers and developers have been focused on empowering business users to more easily access ERP data, customize processes, and personalize their interactions with JDE software, thus freeing IT to devote more time to optimization and innovation.


The new functionality reduces user errors, frustration and the need for specialized training by ensuring the features are secure, easy to use, and transparent. Smart tools represent a cultural, as well as an IT operational shift, encouraging collaboration, an engine for continuous improvement and innovation.  


The following highlights are just a few of the enhancements contributing to smarter user empowerment.

EnterpriseOne 9.2 UDO Tools Release

JDE’s newest tools release provides a simple and standardized process to manage user personalizations called User Defined Objects (UDOs)one of eight web objects comprising queries, grid formats, Composite Application Frameworks (Café One), OVRs, watchlists, classic E1 pages, composed pages, and images.


The new 9.2 UDO tools provide an easy-to-use management process to review, approve, and deploy user-defined objects. You can create UDOs for your own use or share them for public use, subject to approval and permissions provided through Security Workbench. Oracle's User Defined Objects Approval Application Guide will walk you through the UDO approval process.


By enabling users to personalize their experience and interaction with JD Edwards on their own schedulewithout customization9.2 UDO tools improve productivity and satisfaction, while reducing IT overhead.  Here’s the tutorial on this new process, which utilizes the new web-based OMW (Object management workbench).

How Velocity gets you to the 9's for smarter, happier user experiences

Start your upgrade roadmap today to take advantage of the 100s of new applications, smart tools and analytics, and One View integrated reporting available in the most recent releases of your JD Edwards applications.

1st Third-party Provider to host JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

  • Any cloud flexibility. Choose our virtual private cloud optimized for JD Edwards; public cloud via our VCAMP cloud management platform; or a hybrid strategy that matches your needs.
  • Milestone gates built into the solution architecture keep your project on budget and on target.
  • Predictable, fixed monthly fee for the upgrade, including Hosting and Managed services.
  • Largest provider for JD Edwards hosting, with over 100 customers hosted.

Accelerate your cloud journey
Moving JD Edwards applications to the cloud with Velocity makes your company even more agile and competitive by adding a predictable cost model, lowering risk with managed disaster recovery, and delivering consistently superior service

With Velocity, your JD Edwards Application is covered end-to-end

  • End-to-end JD Edwards service team can handle all JDE upgrade and implementation requirements.
  • Business process expertise to ensure your JD Edwards solution is designed according to industry best practices.
  • Global team of IT infrastructure and CNC administrator resources trained in JD Edwards.
  • “Follow the sun” global technical and functional support for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne software.

Ready To Take Advantage of The Simplified Upgrade Process?
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