Your manufacturing or distribution organization is lacking automation, inventory management and job forecasting capabilities, leading to cost overruns, missed deadlines, and customer complaints.

The economic downturn of 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008 have had a chilling effect on American manufacturing’s innovation capabilities. Still, the sector is at a tipping point. New technologies, shifting global markets, and economic volatility are challenging industry leaders to look at new ways to innovate, improve and optimize micro- and macro-processes to compete.

Challenges and Opportunities As manufacturers rethink their systems, processes, and labor force, they are working out new and better ways of getting the job done. Especially in the areas of inventory management, job forecasting and visibility into assets, workflows and projects.

This outlook is an opportunity to utilize best-in-breed systems like JD Edwards to build capabilities for the future, not only of an organization, but the industry as a whole.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 delivers new functionality to include:
  • Outbound Inventory Management optimizes inventory performance and significantly reduces business complexity for suppliers in the consumer goods, manufacturing and distribution industries, increasing new and existing customer business and boosting supplier profitability. 
    The 9.2 Inventory Management module handles the complete VMI/Consignment lifecycle -- from defining agreements through ordering, shipments, invoicing and replenishments, supporting stronger customer collaboration, reduced customer stock-outs, and improved forecast accuracy.

  • Advanced Job Forecasting delivers key capabilities for project-focused industries, such as engineering and construction, to prevent project cost overruns due to lack of detail forecast visibility. It provides several new forecast calculation methods and the ability to create user-defined calculations, enabling more accurate cash flow management throughout the project lifecycle.
    With Advanced Job Forecasting, users gain real-time financial visibility into budgets, actuals, open commitments, change orders, remaining work and estimates at completion. Managers can easily track and audit the expected detail labor and material expenses remaining on a project, minimizing cost and time over-runs.
    Each forecast can cover anticipated material quantities and material cost changes, as well as specific skill sets and pay levels required for remaining job phases. Furthermore, users can save and compare multiple forecasts (what-if scenarios) and store audit trails of forecasted versus actual factors for at-a-glance planning.

  • Work Center Load Review Calendar provides daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views of scheduled work center resources with a real-time view into remaining available capacity. The application displays over- and under-capacity conditions in an intuitive graphical format and provides drill-down options to make scheduling adjustments, update work orders, and support planning. This information enables production schedulers to make scheduling decisions and changes more quickly and easily.




Velocity’s manufacturing ERP cloud services can help your manufacturing business run faster, more efficiently, and scale globally to respond quickly to market demand.  We leverage innovative solutions from JD Edwards and other ERP leaders that increase operational flexibility, reduce costs, and leverage accelerators for businesses in manufacturing, including:

  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • High technology

How Velocity gets you to the 9's for smarter Inventory Management & Forecasting Start your upgrade roadmap today to take advantage of the 100s of new applications, smart tools and analytics, and One View integrated reporting available in the most recent releases of your JD Edwards applications.

1st Third-party Provider to host JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

  • Any cloud flexibility. Choose our virtual private cloud optimized for JD Edwards; public cloud via our VCAMP cloud management platform; or a hybrid strategy that matches your needs.
  • Milestone gates built into the solution architecture keep your project on budget and on target.
  • Predictable, fixed monthly fee for the upgrade, including Hosting and Managed services.
  • Largest provider for JD Edwards hosting, with over 100 customers hosted.

Accelerate your cloud journey
Moving JD Edwards applications to the cloud with Velocity makes your company even more agile and competitive by adding a predictable cost model, lowering risk with managed disaster recovery, and delivering consistently superior service

With Velocity, your JD Edwards Application is covered end-to-end

  • End-to-end JD Edwards service team can handle all JDE upgrade and implementation requirements.
  • Business process expertise to ensure your JD Edwards solution is designed according to industry best practices.
  • Global team of IT infrastructure and CNC administrator resources trained in JD Edwards.
  • “Follow the sun” global technical and functional support for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne software.

Ready To Take Advantage of The Simplified Upgrade Process?
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