Julie Morrison knows what keeps our customers awake at night. 
As a former Director of IT in the construction sector with 26 years of JD Edwards (JDE) experience, she once sat on the other side of the conference room table. As such, she is all too familiar with the depth and breadth of operational and technical issues, challenges, and worst-case scenarios that run through the heads of those charged with overseeing the vast networks and systems that enable companies today to stay in business. After all, they once stole her sleep as well.
For the last eight months, however, Julie’s been bringing her invaluable management perspective, technical acumen, and analytics expertise to bear as part of the Customer Program Management Team in our Colorado office. She primarily partners with Velocity’s JDE customers, overseeing all aspects of their relationship with Velocity as the primary point of contact for all issues and needs, from the initial systems migration to scope of service expansions to day-to-day consulting and far less frequently, overseeing the quick resolution of outages and other types of troubleshooting.
Beyond the daily responsibilities of ensuring that Velocity delivers on all its quality and service commitments and exceeds customers’ expectations in all aspects of the engagement, Julie’s previous tenure as the top technology executive at a major corporation has proven exceptionally advantageous in giving customers an internal advocate whenever process or program changes are being considered as part of the Velocity’s continuous improvement efforts.  
“Velocity is an innovator at its core and we’re continually seeking ways to enhance the services that we provide to our customers and to find better, smarter, more effective 
and efficient solutions to their business opportunities and challenges,” she said. 
“However, sometimes ideas that make sense theoretically in the planning stages just don’t pan out as well in the real world of day-to-day systems management. Having held the CIO reins for so many years, I share with a few others here an invaluable vantage point from which to think through whether any process or approach changes we’re contemplating truly make sense for our customers. That critical business perspective is front and center in all our development work, which underscores our true commitment to serving as a valued business partner to customers and to acting with integrity in all that we do.”
Julie’s prior IT management experience and her significant product knowledge cultivated over more than two decades working in the JDE environment has often times enabled her to roll up the sleeves and directly resolve a customer’s functional issue herself or assist in a strategic roadmap while visiting with executives. 
“Knowing the architecture, the roadmaps, and the complexities of the JDE product has certainly surprised more than a few customers when reviewing their account. Being able to relate similar experiences puts the customer at ease and develop trust.  It’s always a good day when you can exceed the customers’ expectations to such a great end!”
When asked what it is that keeps her awake these days, she didn’t hesitate to answer: “Falling short on something we promised. I never want us to have to apologize for letting a customer down.”