Our success is predicated on the incredible team of richly talented professionals that work here. We would like to introduce you to some of our people who work behind the proverbial scenes.
Velocity's Lori Ridgeway worries a lot about making sure the payroll is met – our customers’ payroll that is. Lori oversees Velocity’s business process outsourcing (BPO) teams in India, Singapore, and Charlotte, NC. They are the ones entrusted by our customers to make sure that their employees are paid on time, in the right amount, and with all required tax obligations properly withheld. 
To be sure, Velocity’s BPO unit oversees more than just payroll processing for Velocity’s global customers. As a trusted business partner to customers globally, they are responsible for managing a number of critical internal business support functions, such as human resources, finance and accounting, as well as providing 24/7 call center services to help customers’ employees with questions they may have regarding payroll, benefits enrollment, and other HR related needs.
Velocity’s BPO services are part of its expanded service capabilities from the acquisition of Titan Technology Partners earlier this year. Lori, who had previously held senior positions in IT and HR, joined Titan two years ago, taking the reins of the BPO business unit at the beginning of this year. Her background is uniquely suited to managing HRIS (Human Resource Information System) platforms and to helping customers gain insight on how technology can better enable – rather than dictate -- stronger HR and business processes.
“There are a number of reasons why customers choose Velocity as their BPO provider, but at the end of the day, it’s our unwavering sense of partnership, reliability, and relentless commitment to helping their businesses succeed that make our services invaluable to them,” she said. “We’re talking to their employees every day via our call center team and, as such, we are often the first to spot issues or trends that may be of concern. Our customers know they can rely on us to not only help them quickly identify such issues, but also to resolve them quickly before they snowball.”
Lori and her team, however, provide customers with more than just transactional support. Indeed, their customer engagements often include consulting services. Velocity's BPO team, by the very nature of their work, has a wealth of information on customers' business operations. Working in partnership with the customer, the team mines this data to find opportunities for process improvements and stronger future positioning. Worth noting: safeguarding the privacy of customers and their employees is paramount; Velocity adheres to the strictest standards of confidentiality, and does not access customer data files for any reason other than those for which it is expressly permitted. 
“It takes a tremendous amount of trust and confidence for corporations to essentially hand over some of their most critical internal business functions to an outside organization, and it is our job every single day to prove that their reliance on Velocity is well placed,” Lori said. “Our exceptional team in India, Singapore, and Charlotte is well up to that task.”