By Ward Quarles, Director of Strategic Alliances, Velocity Technology Solutions

Last week in Broomfield Colorado, Quest International Users Group hosted their inaugural JD Edwards INFOCUS conference for 600 Oracle customer attendees who use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software.  Hosted near Denver—home of JD Edwards product engineering—INFOCUS was supported by the Oracle strategy teams and developers of JD Edwards. What stood out for me and for those I spoke to was the conference focus on really taking a deep dive into the software, especially with the importance of upgrades to EnterpriseOne 9.1, and the customer experiences that every attendee took away.

The attendees came to really learn about the enhancements that are now available in the current release of EnterpriseOne, through case studies and very specific technical workshops and educational seminars. The conference was also an opportunity to meet with select Oracle JD Edwards partners, network, and to have some fun with peers.  Everyone walked away with real insights.

One of our customers, Sheila Roehrich at Knife River said; “I really liked the conference.  I’ve attended Collaborate in the past and would pick this one over that hands down.  I like to dig into the details and the sessions did that very well.”

JD Edwards INFOCUS is a product-focused event, replacing Quest’s regional events.  This new event offered in-depth education for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in a way that is different than the conference experience of COLLABORATE, Quest’s national conference.  The user community took a detailed look into JD Edwards products and re-invigorated the SIG (Special Interest Group) programs.  This event accomplished both while complementing the learning and work done at COLLABORATE12.

EnterpriseOne education sessions included JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Upgrades, Using Oracle BI Publisher for JD Edwards, and Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATs) for JD Edwards.  We were delighted to attend and host the Velocity sessions which included Cloud Computing Essentials, Is Your JD Edwards Recoverable, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and WebLogic – How to Migrate.

This was a positive, intimate and productive customer experience for all who use JD Edwards software.  Quest definitely had their JD Edwards members “INFOCUS.”