Oracle’s Fusion applications already provide the Benefits module end user with many useful delivered reports and analytics, built using Business Intelligence (BI). However, the rollout of Oracle Hyperion Smart View brings another level of reporting and usability to the user community.
Smart View is a product of the Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) module. This tool provides the ability to download delivered or custom reports, manipulate the reports, and share as a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint document, leveraging Oracle BI Enterprise Edition functionality.  Within each of the mentioned Microsoft applications, Smart View and Oracle BI ribbons are introduced, providing additional capabilities.
As it is Open Enrollment season, imagine the capabilities.  As a user, you could:
  • Execute the delivered Person Enrollment Summary Report.
  • Modify the query within Smart View to add additional data points such as years of service or base compensation.
  • Leverage Oracle BI Designer functionality within Smart View to make additional changes, such as changing the page formatting, additional data aggregations, or even masking information until the user logs in.
  • Modify drill down selection criteria to focus on specific data.
  • Insert views from different reports, or even connections, into the same office document: Picture a custom Excel workbook with all benefits-related information in a single document. 
  • Publish and share the view for reuse.
Using Smart View, you can prepare data for executive-level presentations within Microsoft PowerPoint and tailor the data displayed to your audience. Multiple graphs can be added to the same presentation based on the same or varying data sources.
The Smart View tool is especially handy for those reporting users that are skilled within the Microsoft applications, but perhaps not as versed within Oracle BI. I recommend downloading and testing out Smart View to leverage the reporting power of Oracle BI with the formatting and refinement capabilities found in the Microsoft office applications.