By J. Chancellor Veasey, VP customer experience, Velocity Technology Solutions

Kicking off the first day of the Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG) 10th Annual Summer Conference, Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, provided the keynote presentation. As promoted at Inforum 2012, Charles discussed Infor’s value proposition: enabling customers to go faster by providing industry-focused solutions with an open integration model. For the first time, all 400 attendees heard how Infor is planning to leverage a consumer grade interface that merges social and ERP, and how the company is developing additional products such as ION. In Charles’ opinion, ION is ahead of the curve, and as a result of it integration with the planned interface, a market leading solution.

It seemed that the crowd was most interested in Infor10, the newest release and now referred to as Infor Lawson, and its adoption rate in the community. None of the organizations in attendance have adopted Infor Lawson yet. None of its three beta customers have firm go live dates.

Several other insights Charles shared included:

  • Acquiring Lawson was Charles’ number one priority when he started at Infor;
  • Infor will be rebranding in October to put forward an updated and more European look to reflect the company it is becoming;
  • Healthcare is the number 2 industry served by Infor, with manufacturing being number 1.

At the end, Charles took a handful of questions from the crowd. His answers openly acknowledged Infor’s commitment to doing a better job in every aspect of the business. These improvements consist of increasing product quality, creating awareness for enhancement requests, and protecting the software investment made by current customers.

In the afternoon, our own Richard Dolewski, VP of business continuity, took stage and conducted a session on disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity for over 40 attendees. With hurricane Isaac headed towards the coasts of Florida, and in the back of everyone’s mind, DR for Lawson seemed to resonate well with the crowd. As always, Richard impressed the audience with his passion for DR planning, including the importance of application-centric business continuity.

Additional highlights during the day included:

  • A lot of discussion and demonstrations of our new Velocity User Experience (VUE) tool. Lawson users I spoke with were amazed at the visibility that the Velocity system offers – right down to the transaction detail. Every time the team and I talk with members from the Lawson community, their feedback helps us think of new use cases. I demonstrated VUE on my iPad and iPhone, showing our customers how much work their colleagues back at the office were, or were not doing, in the system that day;
  • Eight members of our Velocity Service Delivery team participated in training, being especially vocal within the Special Interest Group sessions;
  • Discussions with several organizations about how they might start implementing Infor Lawson in early 2013, leveraging Velocity’s virtual private cloud.

St. Olaf, in the idyllic town of Northfield, is a terrific host for this event. Its facilities are spot on for the 400 plus attendees. As in past years, the Velocity team welcomed several of its Infor customers and hosted a customer appreciation dinner. A good time was had by all.

As I complete writing this, many attendees are gravitating toward the networking event. The dealers are in place for a little casino night. It looks to be an enjoyable night again at the MWLUG 10th Annual Summer Conference.