Ward Quarles is Director of Strategic Alliances at Velocity. He has participated in Oracle OpenWorld for several years and recently presented a live sesssion titled 'Real Life with Oracle's JD Edwards in the Cloud'.
Velocity regularly engages with Oracle’s Product Development teams to understand the strategic direction of their software portfolio. Doing so enables us to share with our customers early insight and perspective on the future of their enterprise applications. To this end, Velocity recently attended Oracle’s JD Edwards Partner Summit. The theme of this year's summit was "Success through Continued Innovation."  Velocity attendees received updates on current and future product strategies, announcements on new products, insight on customer adoption strategies, and visibility into partner solutions that support the business demands of the JD Edwards solution footprint.
The keynote speech from Lyle Ekdahl (@lyleekdahl), Senior Vice President of Product Development, was a highlight of the Summit. Lyle shared many insights, including:
  • Oracle announced the availability of Tools Release 9.1 Update 4. New in Release 9.1.4 is Scratch Pad and Signatures functionality for iPad applications. This allows for handwritten notes or diagrams associated with EnterpriseOne data.
  • EnterpriseOne Personalization Set is a new feature that allows multiple windows (applications) in a single JD Edwards screen. All are user configurable and available via Cafe1.
  • Themes for application delivery from Oracle engineering include simplification, internet of things, big data, IT consumerization, vertical markets, and mobile solutions.
  • Oracle is enhancing the upgrade process to make upgrades easy: all gain and no pain.
  • Mobile has arrived: Users bring their mobile device of choice to the workplace including camera, phone, and GPS. Mobile will continue to be a focus for JD Edwards engineering with an estimated 100 new mobile applications in upcoming releases.
  • Gamification is in the JD Edwards labs: These solutions are all about incentivizing people based on the competitive nature in all of us, leveraging the drive to succeed and shaping consistent behaviors in application usage.
  • Social ERP is becoming the center of the user community. Social media within enterprise applications can be used for exchanging real-world tips, knowledge sharing, and thought leadership.
  • Wearable ERP is a real solution. Oracle has purchased their first pair of Google Glass. Integration of wearable applications will change the process in warehouse by a user looking at the barcode on the carton, not scanning. Wearable ERP will lead to a compression of cycle time and measureable ROI.
The JD Edwards application suite continues to expand, both in terms of its user base and the capabilities it offers. As always, we look forward to helping our customers understand the potential of these new features within the context of their unique businesses, so they can generate even greater value from their JD Edwards application investment.