The management of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems has evolved significantly since its inception. While the pain associated with running complex ERP systems has not changed, solutions built to address those complexities have greatly advanced.

A breakthrough solution, Velocity’s Cloud Application Management Platform (VCAMP), simplifies the complexity of managing enterprise applications in the cloud by giving companies visibility into and control over their ERP applications and infrastructure. This is game-changing for:

  • Companies managing their ERP systems through public, private, and hybrid clouds

  • Companies dealing with the challenge of running ERP software who want smarter, more secure, and less costly ways to manage their ERP systems

The software-defined cloud application management platform was designed based on the need for assessing and optimizing our customers’ systems. Of the multi-layers that comprise VCAMP, the analytics modules form the core. By allowing Velocity to run systems better and giving both us and our customers essential visibility to see what’s happening in their application through the platform we developed, we are able to not only optimize their system performance, but also continue to build on the relationships that are fundamental to the way we operate.


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'VCAMP gives JD Edwards customers the flexibility to have a seamless experience regardless of cloud choice.'

Keith Angell, Velocity Technology Solutions

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