The role of healthcare CFOs is evolving as the healthcare industry itself. Reform, regulation, Medicaid cuts, electronic health records (EHRs), and revenue pressures are driving interest in new technologies – the traditional realm of the healthcare CIO. At the same time, CFOs are taking a page from the COO’s handbook and looking at ways to reduce capital expenditures and free up resources to transition from a volume-based to a value-based healthcare system.

Cloud computing offers the flexibility, scalability, capabilities and big data access CFOs need to not only cut spending and streamline processes but also increase patient engagement in a digital world and improve the quality of care across complex networks of facilities, providers and data sources.

Whether the choice is public, private or hybrid cloud platforms, the goal is to determine the right option based on your operating requirements, business plan, mission, and resources.

This Guide Includes:

  • Challenges facing today’s Healthcare CFOs

  • 5 critical evaluation criteria

  • Benefits of choosing Velocity Cloud Services for your healthcare cloud services provider


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