Velocity Zoom is an innovative cloud management console designed to provide a new brand of information and metadata analytics about your enterprise applications and your business.  

Capturing complex data from various sources including dynamic transactions from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and additional applications, Velocity Zoom's role-specific dashboards and visual analytics reveal emerging patterns, bottlenecks, human productivity insight and transactional analysis in real-time.

System Analytics

  • System metrics and availability
  • Change and incident tracking
  • Utilization and hot spots
  • Uptime predictive analysis

Human Productivity

  • Peer-to-peer analysis
  • Upgrade performance comparisons
  • Industry and size performance comparisons

Benchmarking Analytics

  • Performance attributes
  • Human error analysis training
  • Opportunity identification
  • Taper analysis.

Zoom Notify

  • User sentiment awareness
  • A/B testing within your ERP
  • Interactive feedback
  • Viral communications
  • User gamification on efficiency and efficacy

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