Over 80% of JD Edwards users say that they are only realizing 50% of their JD Edwards investment. Moving JD Edwards to the cloud or leveraging more of your JD Edwards cloud capabilities could mean tapping into mobility, advanced reporting, the Internet of Things (IOT) and much more for your business.

Who should watch:

  • Those considering moving JD Edwards to the cloud.
  • Those running JD Edwards in the cloud and are hoping to identify their untapped potential.
  • Those considering a JD Edwards upgrade.

Our hosts cover:

  • The value proposition for moving your JD Edwards to the cloud
  • Ways you can unleash your JD Edwards potential in the cloud
  • Expected benefits immediately after your cloud move 
  • How to get to the cloud with no upfront cost
  • 3 JD Edwards cloud migration strategies
  • How to build your blueprint and prepare for your cloud move
  • How to build a JD Edwards upgrade into your cloud strategy