Chance Veasey, VP, Infor & Healthcare Lines of Business

Host: Chance Veasey
Vice President, Infor & Healthcare Line of Business

Velocity Zoom provides access to the thousands of rows of raw data collected by your Infor enterprise application is crucial to supporting data-backed decision making, differentiating your business and supporting strategies with operational results only a 360-degree view could provide.

This on-demand webinar includes a live-demo of Velocity Zoom for Infor analytics for a real customer, including real data. See how this company uses the Infor analytics available in Velocity Zoom to improve productivity and performance for real results.

Metadata, direct from your Infor enterprise applications, offers the insight and transparency to optimizing business processes, improve the end-user experience, and identify issues or threats to the system. This 30-minute webinar offers a deep-dive demo of Velocity Zoom to:


  • View how batch jobs are consuming resources

  • Identify how and when workloads can be balanced to improve end user performance

  • Ensure compliance with application licenses with concurrent user data

  • Diagnose failures, bottlenecks or inefficiencies with drill-down functionality

  • Impact user population in a positive way by identifying training opportunities for error rates, inefficient business processes or segregation of duties violations

  • Become a proactive organization by creating custom alerts of any event deemed critical occurring in your system